Wellbeing Activities

Leeds Refugee Forum has both Women’s and Men’s Wellbeing Groups.

As a supportive and welcoming organisation, we work to help asylum seekers and refugees build their confidence and feel part of the community. 

We have an artistic programme team that includes professional artists from across Leeds. The team delivers therapeutic and creative workshops, including arts and crafts such as photography, painting, music, printing, textiles and ceramics. 

Women’s Wellbeing Group

Our Women’s Wellbeing Group provides vital support to women from a range of backgrounds. We encourage service users to join our art therapy workshops, which bring women together to create handmade items. 

The Women’s Wellbeing Group allows women to practise and develop their English language skills, make new friends, learn and share knowledge. The women who attend build trust knowing they have a safe space to go where they are never alone; they always have people around to support them.

Men’s Wellbeing Group

Our Men’s Wellbeing Group is thriving and growing in momentum. The multicultural group provides support to men from all over the world who live in Leeds. We give service users the chance to enjoy a variety of games and activities, trips and events, wellbeing exercises and volunteering opportunities. 

The Men’s Wellbeing Group allows men to practise and develop their English language skills, make new friends, learn and share knowledge.

Ukrainian Wellbeing Support Group

Our Ukrainian Wellbeing Support Group runs on Mondays from 11:15AM to 1:15PM. We engage in crafts and wellbeing activities. The group is open to any gender.

Women Arise: Rainbow Hearts

Leeds Refugee Forum offers weekly women’s classes that aim to address the various health needs of women that have experienced sexual violence, physical and mental abuse, and sexual health.

Rainbow Hearts works by referral only.


Leeds Refugee Forum believes it is important to celebrate women. We therefore have various celebrations like our annual Refugee Week celebration that gathers various women from refugee, migrant, and asylum seeker communities.

We also celebrate alongside other organisations like Women’s Arise and Mafwa for International Girls’ Day and International Women’s Day.

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