About Leeds Refugee Forum

Our Background

Leeds Refugee Forum is a refugee-led organisation that directly supports refugees and asylum seekers as they begin their new lives in Leeds. 

Our organisation was established in 2003 and became legally registered in 2006. We have been running and developing our activities ever since. 

Refugees and asylum seekers are socially and economically disadvantaged in many ways. But refugees also bring with them a huge wealth of experience, knowledge, expertise, and resourcefulness. At Leeds Refugee Forum, we aim to help refugees and asylum seekers harness these skills to benefit others in their position, their local communities and the wider city community.

Our Vision

To ensure that all refugees and asylum seekers living in Leeds:

  • feel welcome and safe
  • can access support when necessary
  • are integrated
  • have their voices heard
  • have an equal chance to rebuild their lives and contribute to the wider community.

Our Mission

At Leeds Refugee Forum we have two main missions. These are:

  1. To provide refugees and asylum seekers with a voice.
  2. To provide refugees and asylum seekers with resources.

We do this by:

Communicating the needs of refugees and asylum seekers to the local council, the government, and other relevant organisations. This gives decision makers clear aims and objectives so that they can help refugees and asylum seekers integrate more easily into their community.

Raising awareness of refugees and asylum seekers to help others understand the hardships they experience. This encourages empathy and better integration.

Providing a link to community leaders, so that refugees and asylum seekers can easily access spokespeople. This creates a better flow of information to and from refugee communities.

Providing information about refugees and asylum seekers so that the UK has a clearer understanding of the communities’ cultural differences.

Helping refugees and asylum seekers access services so that they receive appropriate support.

Equipping refugees and asylum seekers with appropriate facilities and skills. This helps them to integrate better into the community and improves their chances of finding meaningful employment.

What We Offer

Practical Support

We help refugees and asylum seekers by providing education, social activities, employment support and advice.

We signpost refugees and asylum seekers to services and organisations who can help them to integrate as they start their new life in Leeds.

Refugee Community Organisation Support

We develop and support community leaders through training, personal development, mentoring and one-to-one support.

We bring together community leaders from different refugee and host communities.

We help refugee communities to produce a collective, strong and confident voice.


We advocate for the needs and aspirations of refugee communities.

We work closely with other organisations providing services for refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds.

Community Social Space

We provide the One Community Centre as a base to host refugee communities and as a space where refugees and asylum seekers can meet and find mutual support.

We have a free downloadable booklet that gives details of all our current projects.

Please feel free to share the booklet. If you would like printed copies of the booklet, please contact the office.

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